Welcome to Desi Dhaba!

Our Melbourne CBD and Tarneit Outlets are Open Till Late – Seven Days a Week!

Have you ever felt homesick for those lovely dhabas of India, where truck-drivers stop on their long sojourns, where families sit on cots with tumblers of lassi and plates of ghee dripping aloo parantha in their hands? Felt nostalgic for the aroma of spices that made you feel like you were right at home? We did too – bigtime!

Someone had to step-in and create a Dhaba for Australia, and we took to the challenge. We sourced the best chefs, 100% khandaani – along with authentic raw spices direct from the motherland. We vowed to prepare them “on-premises” each day, everyday and only use Desi Ghee. An iconic location in the heart of Melbourne and some unique artistry to set the mood.

…because nothing beats stretching on the khaat dunking back-to-back Patiala Pegs with mates who’ll never let you pay. Come back next morning to detox on fresh Pudina Lassi and Ganne ka Juice. Watch the cricket over a sizzling meat platter, or the latest Munnis and Sheelas on our bigscreen.

They say home is where the heart is.