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Tradie who copped hefty fine for going out for butter chicken offered a year’s supply

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By Mimi Becker A Melbourne tradie who was fined $1652 for breaking lockdown laws while travelling to get butter chicken says he will contest the fine. Noel Atkinson, 48, says he didn't know he was breaking the rules when he travelled…
Mr Butter ChickenDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Mr Butter Chicken, delivered at last!

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The Werribee man who drove 32 kilometres for dinner was actually headed for another Indian restaurant, around the corner on Flinders Lane. And he didn’t know he was breaking the rules, he says. “I thought you could travel for food.” The…
Rogan JoshDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Rogan Josh

Warm your dinner table with this hearty, meaty curry. Straight from a Kashmiri kitchen, here's a rogan josh recipe that has meat stirred along with a host of spices and herbs, mixed with curd and pressure cooked till tender. A delicious dish…
Goat MasalaDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Goat Masala

Goat Masala is a delightful mutton recipe which is full of flavourful spices and is soft and succulent. Since the meat takes a long time to cook, add some raw papaya and cook covered till the mutton becomes soft. Recipe Servings 4 |…
Chicken CurryDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Punjabi Chicken Curry

Chicken on the bone cooked till tender in a simple spicy punjabi style onion tomato style gravy. Be a kid or a teenage or an adult or an oldie, chicken lovers trend all over the world at all times! One meat that is a favourite of all beyond…
Rajasthani Bhuna GoshtDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Rajasthani Bhuna Goat

Rajasthani Bhuna Goat is a popular and exotic Indian recipe. In this dish the curry is so thick that it coats all the pieces of mutton. The mutton is cooked in its own juices till it gets a beautiful dark brown color. It is a time consuming…
Butter ChickenDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Punjabi Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken! The name alone can make you want to enjoy this ever-so-popular Indian dish. Butter chicken continues to be a hit among Indians and foreigners alike, especially those who want a taste of authentic Indian cuisine. There are many…
Paneer MakhaniDesi Dhaba Melbourne

Paneer Makhani Recipe

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Try this heavenly Paneer Makhani Recipe which is also known as Paneer Makhanwala. It is a popular dish in the North India and is easy to make. Make this soft paneer dipped in rich tomato gravy for a weeknight or for a party. The Paneer Makhani…
Sarson da SaagDesi Dhaba

Sarson da Saag

A classic Punjabi dish, this Sarson Da Saag recipe is gravy dish made from mustard leaves, spinach and bathua along with Maize flour and spices. The end result is a bowl full of aromatic, delicious and creamy green saag full of antioxidants…
Daal TadkaDesi Dhaba

Dhabey De Daal Tadka

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Dal made with onions, tomato’s, garlic and ginger. Topped with a browned garlic and hing Tadka !! Recipe Servings 4 | Prep Time 15 mins | Total Time 35 mins | Difficulty Level Medium Ingredients Pressure Cook Yellow…